Helping the Community Since 2012

Our Beginnings

In 2014, the Champion Center Church partnered with disaster relief organization, Convoy of Hope. The first event was born the Saturday before Thanksgiving where over 7,000 guests of honor received hope. Through city wide partnerships with organizations like Three Square, the Rescue Mission, and SOS Radio, this ongoing event became a huge success. The next two years, each Saturday before Thanksgiving over 10,000 guests of honor were served. As Convoy of Hope continues to help other cities throughout the world, the Champion Center has evolved this ongoing event in our city to become Hope Las Vegas where we will continue to bring hope to our community.

Our Missions

Our mission is simple: give people hope. Hope comes in many forms. To some guests, hope comes in the form of groceries and a hot meal. To other guests, hope comes in the opportunity to be employed. Still others need a backpack full of school supplies to start the new school year.

Being a Bible believing church, we know the only real hope for our guests and volunteers alike is the hope found in Jesus Christ. Every other form of hope is temporary. In each of our community events, we give people the opportunity to receive prayer and hear the gospel message. The goal is that the guests would find, not only a bag of groceries and new shoes, but also find Jesus.

How We Do It?

We are very strategic in partnering with other organizations, businesses, and churches throughout the city. Our church cannot do these events alone! Thanks to our amazing friends around the city, we are able to provide our community with hope. This year, we plan on providing a “day of hope” four times during the school year.

Back to School Drive: August 2017

At this event, our goal was to provide students backpacks filled with school supplies. On top of that, each child had the opportunity to receive a fresh haircut and different needed medical examinations.

Thanksgiving Event: November 2017

The Saturday before Thanksgiving has been labeled a “Day of Hope.” This past year we continued this tradition by providing the community with a bags of groceries through our partnership with Three Square. On top of that, we were able to provide services such as flu shots to many guests.

Community Event: Spring 2018

This new event in the spring will be an all around community event. At this event will be free shoes, a job fair, veterans services, medical services, and different community agencies. This will truly be where “hope” starts.